Monday, 18 August 2008

After 1 year & 3 months

Dear readers,
This is my 1st post for this year after my 1 year and 3 months hiatus..ops...yes I know.Hiatus is only my excuse. The true reason why I take so long time to write in this blog is because I was lazy..hahaha...Plus class at UTP was so tiring which made me want to rest and sleep if there were free time. Not to say internship is tireless, but at least I can't sleep during working hours. huhuh.. I think it's time to make this blog public, since I have time to update this regularly..While my hiatus, I was thinking about the theme of my blog..I don't know either to write about my live or my J.Ent ai..and finally I decided to write both because fandom is my life and my life is my fandom..Ehek~

~Just wanna show off Ryo on my desk..heheheh~