Tuesday, 2 September 2008

1st Ramadhan 1429

This is my 1st ramadhan experience in the working environment.. I hope the are not much different from the past ramadhan. What makes different maybe when Sahur time. I need to prepare meal all by myself. So I decided to make serunding, so that I can keep it for long time...After 3 hours I cooked it on the kitchen, then I realize why people just but serunding and never make it by their own.3 hours standing while cooiking in the kitchen on the 1st day of fasting quite challenging for me..While cooking I was like, "no..this is my last time doin' this.." Then after it finish, I said, "Yes, I will definitely do it again"..hahaha..The result is this..

The taste?? Of course for me it's yummy..My mom and sis testimony is - "It taste like serunding, so it's ok.." -___-"
Dad as usual - "sedap..sedap.."
So, I think for 1st attempt it's ok..hahaha