Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Dry, dryer, dryest...

There was minor shut down or mini turn around at plant that I am working rite now..
Shutdown is a period when all the operations are stop, so the maintenance work can be done..How ever some equipments can be maintaining without having shut down such as pump, pressure vessel, agitator and etc..
Ingat lagi, 1st time sampai plant ni, equipment plg membuatkn aku jakun ialah dryer..
Mana taknye, slame ni ak hanye tahu, hair dryer - yg mcm zohan gne tu..

pastu yg slalu ak gne mase kt seme sbb 'terlampau rajen' nk basuh baju..
tu pon naseb baik tu basuh sendiri..drpada ak lg 'terlebeh2 rajen' g anta dobi..muahahaha...

And finally PTA rotary dryer..The concept of the dryer basically is same with the cloth dryer. But it thousands time bigger than cloth dryer I think..mmg bapok besar laa...PTA is the product of the plant which is in solid form..However the core material is mixture, we need dryer to make it in powder form..The dryer is kind like long horizontal cylinder that rotate all the time.. The only time it stop is during shutdown. And I'm very lucky I could enter it.. The most interesting equipment I ever seen..

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