Monday, 10 November 2008

The t-shirts

Hi minna~
Last week I told you guys about my Hey Say JUMP t-shirts that I ordered online rite? Actually, all of these t-shirt were wearing by Hey Say JUMP members in certain event. A nice fangirl did the replica and sell them to others fangirl around the world including me. heheheh... The lovely girl is Lorraine. If you want to see the original design and the pics of Hey Saj JUMP member wearing it, it here. BTW for those who interested to buy it, Lorraine is now open for second batch pre-ordered. Seriously, it's really worth.

So, grab the chance..

So here are the pics of my t-shirts..(sorry, I not edit them at all)

Volleyball supporter shirt

Keito Staff shirt (Your Seed PV making)

2008 Spring Concert Tour Encore Shirt - Yamada version (front)

2008 Spring Concert Tour Encore Shirt - Yamada version (back)

I got three free Yamada pics because I participated in the shop survey and buy more than 2 shirts V(^_^)

I'm happy~


  1. waahh~~i'm sooo jealous!!~i want those t-shirts badly tooooo!!!T___T
    especially yamada's ones~

  2. hehehe...then buy them..
    it's still available for preorder

  3. but the payment method is somewhat difficult for me..i dont have paypal..huhu~T__T

  4. if you seriously want to buy, I can help you about the payment because I have paypal~

  5. i want them. is she stll selling those?

  6. cookiez, u can alwayz check at her shop~

  7. If one day you felt like wanna selling the shirts,please let me know >.<

  8. @Hey!Say!JUMP☆平成跳

    haha... dont think so. they are my treasure of course. ^.^