Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Sayounara 2008~

Hello minna~
Few more hours to 2009. Let's see what had I done in 2008. For the 1st half year, nothing special. I just play around. My exam result was also so-so. The only achievement that can be proud of was I was able to have a seat in Sushi King during RM2 per plate promotion. Hahahah...

Then, for the 2nd half of 2008, I experienced my 1st job in my life. Actually not really a job, I did my industrial training in a petrochemical plant for 8 months. Working...not as nice as I thought. Wake up early in the morning for 5 days a week. Going back at 5pm. After that, really tired. Cannot do anything. Just straight away to sleep. But the knowledge I got here is precious. Somehow, there were also good things, such as 1) always got free food; 2) I learned swimming~ I mastered free style and breast stroke; 3) Participated in sport competition with luxury prizes - normally I'm not a sportswoman, but somehow here my sweat was paid..hahaha...

This year, my fandom list is just increasing. I started fangirling Ohno Satoshi after watching Maou. So as Ohkura Tadayoshi from Kanjani * after watching Yasuko to Kenji. But I still love my Yamada and Tegoshi. I bought 2 singles - NEWS's Summer time and Hey Say JUMP's Your Seed. 2 Calendars - NEWS and Hey Say JUMP. Several myojo and Duet magazine. And Hey Say JUMP's replica t-shirts. A lot of money that I had spent for those things.

My family- my mother is much healthier. Since, I work near my hometown, I could spend a lot of time with her.

So, 10 more days, I'll become 22. I hope I'll look more adult because before this people always mistaken me as a secondary school girl...huhuh... I wanna be taller... Or be 16 forever...

Happy New Year

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Takoyaki in KL

Hello minna~
Several weeks not updating my blog. Seem busy with final presentation and report for my industrial training. But last week I was able to steal some time to go shopping in KL and I found a Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki Stall in One Utama, Damansara. I ate takoyaki several times before and I don't know how's the original Japanese Takoyaki taste is. Actually Takoyaki is a octopus ball made from batter with special sauce, mayonnaise, dried fish flakes and seaweeds. But in Malaysia, they always make the variety of the fillings. Instead of tako@octopus, you can also choose chicken ham, prawn or unagi@eel. I ate several times at :

1. Ebitako @ Lower Ground floor, Sogo, Jalan TAR, KL
I ate takoyaki for the 1st time here. The taste is good. The size is just nice. The price is also cheap that is only RM3.80 for 4 pieces. They serve in square Polystyrene container.

2. Tako Tao @ Jusco One Utama and Midvalley
I don't know whether Tako Tao is available in others Jusco or not. And I don't think Jusco Ipoh has it except they just open the new branch in the 8 months my industrial training period. The size is bigger than the Ebitako one and only 3 pieces for 1 set. The price, I forgot.. Hehehehe... since they are big, I can't really tase the tako. They serve same way as Ebitako.

I only googled this image. So credit to the uploader. And I don't know where it is...huhuh

3. Takoyaki@ Sushi King
The taste is bad. The takoyaki even dry and taste like not enough ingredient. No sauce and fish flake and it's weird. But you'll get more takoyaki for one set that are 5 pieces. Hehehe...The price is around RM5 to RM6. Actually I forgot the price.

4. Takoyaki @ One Utama, Damansara (LG floor- in front of Cold Storage)
The taste is good. I love the presentation. They serve in takoyaki boat (just like in Japan) made from hard paper. 1 set - 3 pieces - RM4.00. Quite expensive maybe because the container. Huhuhuh...