Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Sayounara 2008~

Hello minna~
Few more hours to 2009. Let's see what had I done in 2008. For the 1st half year, nothing special. I just play around. My exam result was also so-so. The only achievement that can be proud of was I was able to have a seat in Sushi King during RM2 per plate promotion. Hahahah...

Then, for the 2nd half of 2008, I experienced my 1st job in my life. Actually not really a job, I did my industrial training in a petrochemical plant for 8 months. Working...not as nice as I thought. Wake up early in the morning for 5 days a week. Going back at 5pm. After that, really tired. Cannot do anything. Just straight away to sleep. But the knowledge I got here is precious. Somehow, there were also good things, such as 1) always got free food; 2) I learned swimming~ I mastered free style and breast stroke; 3) Participated in sport competition with luxury prizes - normally I'm not a sportswoman, but somehow here my sweat was paid..hahaha...

This year, my fandom list is just increasing. I started fangirling Ohno Satoshi after watching Maou. So as Ohkura Tadayoshi from Kanjani * after watching Yasuko to Kenji. But I still love my Yamada and Tegoshi. I bought 2 singles - NEWS's Summer time and Hey Say JUMP's Your Seed. 2 Calendars - NEWS and Hey Say JUMP. Several myojo and Duet magazine. And Hey Say JUMP's replica t-shirts. A lot of money that I had spent for those things.

My family- my mother is much healthier. Since, I work near my hometown, I could spend a lot of time with her.

So, 10 more days, I'll become 22. I hope I'll look more adult because before this people always mistaken me as a secondary school girl...huhuh... I wanna be taller... Or be 16 forever...

Happy New Year


  1. where did you buy the johnny's stuff??

  2. mail order or kinokuniya,klcc~

  3. mail order? how much? ikura? ikura?


  4. it depends to what good do you want to buy.

    you can always check here