Friday, 6 February 2009

Back to School~

Hi minna~
Actually this is the 3rd week I'm back to college. Getting very2 busy and didn't manage to update the blog. Plus the internet connection here is really bad. Even I didn't get any wireless signal, only use LAN just like thousands of other students. huhuhu..

Let see what's the good start for this semester. My new room is at level 5 of 5. Then, I hope more calories will be burn after this. At first, I planned to be same room as Dayah Awal. Somehow, I was placed in the same room with my x-skulmate, Dayah Hasssan. Then, sangat bersyukur sebab dikurniakan banyak hidayah dalam hidup. sape2 rase cam xcukup hidayah leh r minta sket..hehehe...

But actually I still managed to steal some times between the business to hangout with friend. Last Tuesday, I went to Time Square, KL. We had a tea break at Sweet Chat which is at the ground floor. Here I shared some of the 'sweets' we had.

Mine - Scone is like pastry served with strawberry jam and cream. The taste was just so-so

Mine- Cold Tofu with Mango - extremely delicious

Dayah's- Kiwi ice shaved

Dayah's - Lime Punch

That's all~


  1. Cold Tofu with Mango..waaa nk ni!!

  2. hahaha...
    wat sendiri pon leh..
    taufufa kt pasar malam tu, tp letak pati mango ngn mangga potong...
    tp mmg besh~

  3. sobri...sobri....ko makan tauhu sumbat je sudah la

    cam sedap je tofu tu. kenyang ke makan tofu ni?

  4. wah!~
    sedapnyer yg tofu ngn mango tu...
    ko bile nk blnje aku mkn bende tuh...~

  5. @Faiz
    tauhu sumbat pon ak suke~
    xberape kenyang pon mkn sbb dhage n fenat giler mase tu...gmabar2 mmg mencabar keimanan...tu yg singgah japs...hehehe

    hehehe...jom r...
    mkn kt sweetchat tu...sejuk2 je seme desert2 dier...
    k, off to nat's blog~