Friday, 3 April 2009

Arashi's Present ~ Part 2~

Arashi 2009.4 - 2010.3 Calendar


Finally I'll never cry alone bcoz Ohno will always be by my side...Okay, at least for this whole year..

Thanks to Ogy Nechan for being my Santa.

Here are the random pictures of the calendar.

Ohno is Mr June and July

One of Ohno's sticker is missing because I already paste it on my laptop... Heheheh..

I love this. Arashi's organizer book.

But actually it is just full with their pictures. It's more like photobook with some spaces to write. Lol



  1. omg!i hv the exact same thg~wikiwiki

    huahua,obviously~am so glad coz the box is pink!huahua oopsie,over excited,lol

    ohoho a friend of mine,her mom is a nihonjin and bought some japanese mag..she gave me like two pages of the mag she bought which got arashi's pic on it~huahua

    kt situ ochan said,'you'd know the charm of arashi if you buy the calendar' (or sth like that,huahua direct translation) and sho said 'ooh,you said sth great,do you know what it means?' lol and that was published in february,haha

    sorry,am writing more of like a mail rather than a comment,hoho

    yay for you!both for the cd and the calendar,ne!

  2. Yeah, Ohchan is so adorable..

    Even he is doing nothing but still actractive...

    You know what I skip Aiba's drag queen, err I mean half naked April and May for Ohchan no tame ni...

    hehehe...sorry aiba-kun, I love you but I hate the pose. Too sexy for a normal and innocent girl like me....


  3. huahua was that a process of memuji diri?~kahkahkah

    well~to be frank,
    i dont like those pic~!!
    and i mean all of them~
    why should they have that kinda photos?lol

    the only good thg is that they are arashi's,huahua

    but the planner is real great!i dont mind having to write in such small space,,hahaha the pictures are all satisfying,hoho


  4. yeah~

    i agree with you...

    perhaps every month is June and July for me until next April...


    the planner will be zutto in my school bag so that I can berangan Arashi whenever the class is boring...


  5. huahua it's whether the class is boring or you just cant get enough of arashi kn?lol

  6. Hye,
    can I ask you something?
    how did you get those Arashi calendar and organizer book?
    where did you bought it?