Sunday, 30 August 2009

I Wanna Grow Up B~ig

I've been looking forward to the roller coaster
But couldn't ride it because of height restrictions
I have to try so hard to hold onto the hand straps on the train
It's not easy at all
"What do you want for your birthday?"
Everyone asks me so I say
I don't want games
I don't want clothes either
What I do want is to be taller
If I were to get bigger
First I'd like to look down on everyone
Then I'ld take part in a basketball game
And win it with a cool dunk shot
Just as a normal person outgrow
Because I live, I can feel that
Not only my body but also my heart has grow up too
I want to be a cool person who attracted anyone
If I can being taller than you
You can lean on my back
If anyone can’t reach goods in high place
I can seize that

Singer/lyrics : Chinen Yuri

Trying hard to look tall...huhuh

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