Friday, 18 September 2009

America's Next Top petite Model

I watched the first and second episodes of cycle 13 last week. Usually the 1st and 2nd episode of ANTM were boring to watch. I always fast forward them because in earlier episodes they had not much drama and bitchness. But somehow, for this cycle the 1st episode I'd be very touchy. You know when your voice stuck at your throat... (ececece...lebey2 pulak)

Because for this cycle, for the 1st time Tyra let girls with the height below 5'7" compete in ANTM. This is also the 1st time in modelling world I think (who cares?). But I really salute and appreciate that Tyra looks up to short girls which no other people (in modeling world at least) dare to do it... And the shortest girl is 5'3".

(terpaksa sensored2 kan in case nanti ayahanda nak buat spotcek kat blog...gelabah di situ...huhuh)

I dont have any intention to model or watever.. Just want to compare even though they are short enuff (for Tyra), but then I am just still way tooooo short... lol


  1. Takpe Hanis, walaupun tak layak nak jadi model, tapi orang-orang yang 'way tooooo short' sangat comel dan banyak kelebihan, boleh selit-selit tengah orang ramai dan orang selalu ingat kita budak sekolah menengah ha ha ha jadi selalu dapat duit raya setiap tahun walaupun dah nak grad akhir tahun ini XD

  2. waaa...

    aku dapat rm5 je raya ni... adakah aku dah meninggi?