Saturday, 10 October 2009

Bonanza RM2 - Sushi Spree

Okay, another food battle in Sushi King. For those who doesn't know yet, Bonanza RM2 is a promo when you can eat all type of sushi on the belt for only RM2 per plate. Yeah, this is heavenly cheap. My favorite sushi are Smoke Salmon and Ebi Fry which cost RM5 and RM6 each. And now I can eat them double or triple and not even bother about the bill. Lol.. what a poor girl

But before you guys excited for the sushi fiesta next week, make sure you have the Sushi King membercard. Remember to get it before 12 October because they don't sell it during the Bonanza RM2 which are on 12-15 October 2009.

Several tips during the bonanza :

1. If you have the Sushi King Card, it is the best to bring 4 of your friends who does not have card. Why? Then you can share the happiness of eating good food but very cheap with more people.. :D

2. Don't come during the lunch hour or at night beacause it surely going to be a very hectic time. You will queue for more than 30 minutes. If you dare to wait, then it's ok.

3. Try your best to seat beside the belt. Then, you can easily grab your favorite sushi.

4. This is the time to try the variation of sushis that you never taste before. You will not lose much. I mean your RM not your weight.. ;P

5. Be careful with the colour of plate. Some of them on the belt are normal price. See poster above.

6. Don't eat for more than 1 hour because other people is also hungry.. :(

7. If possible, don't take the blue plate because in normal price blue plate is RM2. You don't save anything... ;P But you don't lose neither..

Have a nice spree~