Sunday, 15 November 2009

Malaysian Top Bloggers Tips

I watched Nuffnang Project Alpha. Project Alpha is a show that revealed life of Malaysian Top Bloggers. How Nuffnang chose them as the Top Bloggers? Most probably because they earn most from Nuffnang. Earn most money means their blogs are insanely popular. And guess what, they even share with us their tips to be a top blogger. Here I did a compilation of the tips:

1. Fourfeetnine - she is cute, 2 inches shorter than me, has BIG eyes and she said she didn't do plastic surgery. lol

  • Don't steal my blog entries. That's not very nice - I think this is more like a warning too.
  • It's help if you get ping by Kenny Sia (another top blogger) - than you are the luckiest blogger.
  • You have to have your own identity. This is very important that you differentiate yourself from the other bloggers out there.
  • People disagree with the things you say and say not so nice things to you but don't take it too hard. You know yourself best and don't worry about it.
  • It's good if you have pink layout - zzzzz
  • You have to be very careful to what you blog about because things that you post up online are gonna stay up there forever and if you are not careful it will be come back and bite you someday

2. Nicolekiss - this is a travel blog. She is so lucky to have a cool job - traveler.

  • Do not worry if can't write well. It doesn't matter if you are not a journalist. So you don't write article English. It's a blog after all.

3. Redmummy - A full time blogger and housewife. Good example for bloggers that wrote in bahasa. A mummy that wears fake eye lashes all the time. Very glamorous. lol

  • Work hard
  • You need to have your own personality, tak bolehlah nak jadi Redmama. Tak original..
  • You need to have your own style of writing. Macam redmummy tulis dalam bahasa melayu tapi ade ribu-riban readers. So don't underestimate BM - ....
  • Need to have punctuality when submit advertorial - applicable untuk blogger yang terpilih dapat advertorial

4. Kenny Sia - He's a nerd but funny blogger. I think out of these top bloggers, he is the topless toppest.

  • Get ready for people to give bad comment about you. Just ignore. They just want your attention.
  • Take photo of yourself with your cleavage - ...
  • Make sure u have signature facial expression like (<_>)
  • Go to party with a lot of celebrities and make sure they are in ur photos
  • Swear a lot. F*** ur a**. ***.. ****
  • Take photo of yourself parodying famous billboard

5. Budiey - Blog gosip hiburan. Ramai reporter tak suka Budiey ni sebab lagi popular dari wartawan paper. Ada gossip Misha Omar marah dengan Budiey. Panas~

  • Memilih tajuk yang sesuai
  • Letak gambar yang menarik. Jangan ambil gambar yang sama di blog2 yang lain
  • Gunakan tag. Ambil perkataan yang kemungkinan besar akan dicari di Google atau Yahoo
  • Daftarkan URL kat RSS Feed.
  • Jangan tulis dengan emosi. Tulis dengan akal.
  • Semangat yang kental dan niat yang tulus
  • Suasana mempengaruhi cerita. Masa mandi-manda dan buang air paling banyak idea mencurah2 - ????

6. Beautifulnara - Mamat ni memang kelakar. Gila loya buruk. Cakap memang berapi2 tapi sebenarnya.... penakut... ekekeke

  • Tulis aje ape yang korang rasa kat otak korang tu. Keluarkan! Jangan peduli apa orang cakap.
  • Jangan tulis macam surat khabar Utusan Malaysia. Jangan~ Itu tak bes. Tak nak skema2 ni
  • Jadi blogger yang kelakar giler. Orang nak gelak bila datang blog kita ni. Taknak orang datang dengan muka yang serius.
  • Brand yourself.
  • Tulis waktu malam sebab segar otak ni. Idea datang mencurah2 malam hari.
  • Lawa dan simple je design blog u all. Kita pentingkan isi dia tau.
  • Kalau korang nak popular cepat... You hentam orang2 popular ni. You hentam Kenny Sia, Budiey. You bagi kat diorang ni. So reader diorang ni baca ape yang korang hentam dan mungkin reader diorang ni akan stay dengan korang jugak tau. - tapi mungkin tak boleh buat ini kat Fourfeetnine sebab dia awek boss Nuffnang...
  • Korang cerita tajuk tu mesti panaslah. Walaupun benda kecil je. Capture readers dari tajuk korang.
  • Listen to what readers want. Bagitahu apa yang diorang nak.

7. Sixthseal - a travel blogger. He used to be a drug addict. He can't stand emotion pains. So he preferred tattoos and pierces.

  • Just be yourself. Readers want to know who you are. No need to sensor yourself. Do not try to someone your not. Expressing your self with words, photos and videos
  • Always keep it real. If you say you wanna do it, then do it.
  • Always answer your readers comments. When they comment, they aspect a reply. It's not a monologue. It a dialog.
  • Create interesting contents. Create interesting comments.

Okay, it's better to watch them yourself at Youtube. They said a lot of interesting random tips between the conversation.

You don't have to follow the tips if only,

- your traffic is 3500 hits per day like Fourfeetnine
- or 200,000 hits per week like Kenny Sia
- or 3.5 millions per month like Beautifulnara
- or you don't want earn anything thru ur blog.

Thank you...


  1. thanks kenwooi..

    they are legendary bloggers in malaysia...

  2. correct.. if not, they wont be named the top bloggers.. wish i can be like them...hehe..daydreaming ka?.. no la, new ambition blogger..

  3. Nissa~


    sangat anspire nak tulis blog...


  4. waaa, hanis...
    ley pakai ke tips2 ni...ecece, mcm tips nk final lak.HAHAHA

  5. tikah~

    hahaha... terai la... baru tahu hasilnya...

    ini tips boleh pakai lama nye... bukan waktu final je... ekekeke....

  6. wah~ bestnye kalo jadi cam derang kan..
    duk depan kom je pon dpt duit..
    kita..duk depan kom x dpt sesen,bazir masa lg..hihi :P

  7. tira~


    jadi blogger celebrity gitu... tapi most of the top bloggers ni blog dah lama..

    antara 1st blogger kat mesia la..

    kira blog memang dah jadi darah daging gitu...huhuh

  8. lols awesome compilation. dem sungguh tips dr kennysia. thanks for sharing ye!

  9. Kan... Kusut...

    tips pon dah melambangkan kesengalannya...

    mmg patut dia popular giler...


  10. goodluck k.hanis,b'usaha jd top blogger k!;D

  11. по моему мнению: прелестно.. а82ч