Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Mozart's Dirty Piece

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Honestly, although my blog title is opera-ish, I know nothing about opera or orchestra. I can't even read a music note.

But one thing that I know is Mozart actually did a dirty piece called 'Leck mich im Arsch' or in English is 'Kiss my Ass' or 'Lick my Butt'. lol

This is not a joke but this is funny. You can google the lyrics by your self. Don't want to pollute my blog with too much obscene words. Lol... Even though we can called Mozart as genius in music but still he is such normal human being. Sometime got pissed and need to mencarut here and there.

Well, just forgive him. He created a lot of brilliant pieces however. Mozart is an ordinary person after all.

Btw, I dedicated this song to UTP ITMS (IT department) as an appreciation for giving us such a super slow gay internet connection and blocked all the sites except Facebook because the staff also want to mengular via Facebook.

Typical adult.



  1. lol.. all human are like this what.. =P


  2. yeah...

    all people sometimes is sad, upset, dissapointed...

    can't run away...

  3. wow. x sangka mozart ade dirty piece xD

  4. kan...

    ingatkan semuanya indah2 belaka...


  5. hehe..typical..heee..

    saya klik iklan nuffnang anda ;)

  6. aku tau baca music score tp fail sejarah2 music ni.hahahahah.xpe,somtimes mozart nk lucah.:P

  7. lol bird...

    itu je sejarah mozart yg aku tawu.. hehehe~