Thursday, 3 December 2009

Twilight Saga: Bulan Baru

1st Desember is my lil bro's birthday. Happy birthday Ami. Aku baikkan, Ami.. Sebab aku sorang je ingat bday awak. Orang lain seme sibuk nak dapat menantu. Huhu..

0kay. New Mo0n. I watched the m0vie last m0nday. I'm n0t going t0 review the m0vie because milli0ns of people has d0ne it. Tak campur lagi yang dah bace n0velnya. But, i just wanna give my naive opini0ns n critistism. Hehe..

We kn0w that this is a teenage romance genre of m0vie. So, it's okay if the warewolves look like cute stuff animal and the vampire still walk like a boyband id0l even wanna suicide in volteri.. Or what ever they called the suicide ritual. Dont compare with other 18sg vampire m0vie.

That's not problems t0 me. What make me wonder is more about Jacob and his werewolf frens. We knew that when they transf0rm int0 werew0lves, all their cl0ths torn up. Then, they chase the vampire to anywhere. Absolutely they transform back into human at different place. By the time they tranform back they already wear their pants. I wonder if they put spare pants in every 100meters. 0r actually we d0nt kn0w that werewolves have d0raem0n p0cket.

I als0 w0nder, why 0nly Jac0b has big muscles but the 0ther werew0lves frens d0nt have. Since as menti0n the big changes 0f his physical is because he'll bec0me werew0lf.

I love the straight f0rward character of Bella. Her words are simple but reached the meaning. Just like technical rep0rt.

Btw, f0r me, it w0rth t0 watch new m00n. I got my new sunglasses ala Faizal Tahir because went outing to ip0h t0 watch the m0vie. :p

p/s: sorry for limited pic bc0z I update via m0bile. Dont have internet in kampung.huhu


  1. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  2. via mobile?
    perghhh, quite long entry to 'tit tet' the henphone button LOL
    vahh vahh! *impressed* ngeh ngeh

  3. hrmm.. its worth watching..but not in the cinema.. shud've just wait for the dvd rip..aish..

    bella is so awkward not to mention she took picture with edward. i tot vampire supposed to not hav a reflection.

    and to think that the saga has so many fans, i can't help but wondering if they actually root for the saga or the characters.

    coz if its me, i'll say i'm rooting for jacob, he's a hottie..and so do the other werewolves.. kekeke..

  4. you both think quite a lot 'bout this movie huh?
    about the pants, the reflections, and everything.
    Very genius~`

    for me, I just accept the story as it is. Ha ha.
    Is it normal for someone who just involved in an accident to think like this? T_T

  5. tagskie, thanks for visiting me~

  6. Oyenks, naib cram jari taip guna keypad hp...Nasib baik tak muat nak guna jari kaki skali... huhuh

  7. Sachou, sangat setuju dgn anda...

    Jelas sangat Jacob ialah antara subjek utama dlm New Moon. Even Bella yang kononnya susah nak dibaca fikirannya pun, bila tgk Jacob half naked cakap, "You are beautiful" walaupun tengah pening-pening lalat baru pas pecah pala terantuk kat batu... huhuh

  8. saa~ aku pun rase pelik.. tapi dlm panggung dah mcm jd discussion grup laks.. saling mempersoal sesama sendiri... huhuh

    takziah saa... watever pon gud luck SI

  9. Even bella yg dah ade boyfren pontianak kacak pon agak2 tgugat iman tgk jacob...apatah lg kami yg xd bf pontianak kacak ala

  10. haha.diorang ikat seluar dekat kaki lah.based on buku la.jacob 2nd besar sebab______...sila tunggu next movie.dan saya adalah team edward sebab jacob adalah woofwoof.. :)

  11. tp luke pas diorg transform terus je terkam musuh... mane sempat kot nk ikat2 kat kaki...


    kalo nak ikat2 suar dlu, sempat jd makanan vampire kot..

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