Thursday, 9 December 2010

iPhone vs Blackberry vs Android

Dedicated to iPhone fag, Android fag & Blackberry fag. Ekekeke~


Yeah, I do think Iphone is just fun because a lot of game applications, music & other wierd unique application. So it's looked cool or at least the users themselves think so. :P

While, blackberry users seem to be very busy tweet, facebooking every single things they did discusing something with colleagues using free blackberry messenger or sending emails.

Android... I just played around with by aunty's HTC & it's just complicated & not really user friendly. Or atleast for a noob macam aku. :P

Baru je terfikir dah dapatkan salah satu di atas, KALAU Sony Ericsson Z610i kesayanganku dah tak mampu memberikan khidmat. Tapi setakat ni, prestasi mantap je. Boleh tahan kot lagi 3,4 tahun. zzzzz

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